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610 drives over current alarm maintenance of CNC machine tools
Jan 10, 2017

Symptoms: a SIEMENS 810M system, 6SC610 servo drive, vertical machining center, during automatic operation, the y axis drive over current alarm, V4 lights.
Analysis and treatment of process: l drive "is now current for many reasons, mechanical installation, poor adjustment of the transmission system, cutting force excessive, drives, set negative, bad servo motor may cause the drive current. But on this machine, when run automatically. the above fault, power on again, the fault still exists, so you can exclude I-re caused by overcurrent.
Location of faults as soon as possible, repair by replacing the drive controller test Board, power Board, found the fault still exists in the y axis. so as to determine whether the failure is on the y-axis servo motor or motor caused by a poor connection to the drive.
Carefully check the y-connection cable, find napkins to the table movement, pulling y feedback cable, tachometer feedback line axis there was caused by a loose connection warning: after reconnect speed cable. troubleshooting.