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CNC lathe CNC machine tool fixture
Jan 10, 2017

1. Universal fixture
Standardized fixtures of different workpieces can be processed within a certain range, known as the universal fixture, their structure, size has been standardized and common use, such as three-jaw self-centring Chuck, vices, four claw single-action Chuck, Vice, universal dividing head, top, and a magnetic table. This type of fixture to adapt health and strong and can be used for clamping various artifacts within a certain range and size, these fixtures as a machine tool accessories manufactured by specialized factories, just buy it. The drawback is the fixture accuracy is not high, productivity is low, with more difficult to clamp workpieces with complex shape, generally applies to the single-piece and small-batch production.
2. the special fixture
Designed as an artifact of a process design and manufacture of jigs, referred to as special fixtures, products are relatively stable, large batch production, using a variety of special fixture, can obtain high productivity and precision. Records master fixture design cycle is longer, larger investments.