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CNC lathe precision machining technology
Jan 10, 2017

1.Precision CNC lathe turning, generally refers to turning precision 10~0.1 μ m, surface roughness Ra 0.1~0.05 μ m.
Aluminum mirror parallel to the tool by turning the cutting blades and pressure edge, blade width for 0.15~0.35mm. In turning, cutting of workpieces can be machined surface and squeeze to work less surface roughness, taking into account the material by turning soft, elastic recovery, so angle of A0 is 12 degrees ~15 degrees.
Blade installation, makes the blade just above the workpiece around 0.2mm to ensure that extrusion extrusion blade for ironing. And should ensure that the cutting blade and the workpiece parallel to the axis, otherwise it may result in the machined surface streaks in affecting the roughness of machined surface.
2. high speed precision boring
High speed boring because of the initial Diamond cutter material, so it is also called King boring. Adjustment fine boring in good working condition, its accuracy is up to IT6, applies cannot be high speed boring various holes in the parts of the structure of internal grinding processing, such as spindle box spindle hole, connecting rods and piston pin holes, and so on. Bore can be applied to high-speed machining of steel, cast iron, non-ferrous metals, convenient operation, high efficiency, wide.