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CNC vertical car four major components
Dec 31, 2017

CNC vertical lathe with good stability and seismic performance, high precision, easy to operate, suitable for processing all kinds of medium and small plates, covers parts, which is controlled by the media, CNC equipment, servo system and Li car composition, the specific introduction as follows:

CNC vertical car

1, control media

At work, workers are not required to shake the handlebar to operate the car, but to perform their own intentions automatically. This necessitates a connection between the person and the device, which is called the control medium (or Called program media, input media, information carrier).

2, CNC equipment

CNC set is the center of CNC machine tools, general CNC machine tools in the input device, memory, controller, computing device and output device. The numerical control device receives the information of the input medium, and identifies the code, stores, calculates, outputs the corresponding command pulse to drive the servo system, and then controls the machine tool movement. In the computer numerical control machine tool, because the computer itself contains the calculator, the controller and so on above-mentioned unit, therefore its numerical control installment function by a computer completes.

3, servo system

CNC vertical lathe servo system is the role of the pulse from the CNC device into a machine tool moving parts of the movement so that the worktable (or slide) accurate positioning or the required trajectory for the relative movement, and finally processed to meet the drawings requirements Parts.

In the servo system, commonly used servo drive components are power stepper motor, electro-hydraulic pulse motor, DC servo motor and AC servo motor.

4, Li car

In the beginning, GM was used to change the vehicle, except for the automatic transmission, the automatic indexing of the tool holder or table, and the handle. Practice has proved that: CNC vertical lathe addition to the large amount of cutting, continuous processing and other factors affect the accuracy of the workpiece, and because it is automatic control, can not be processed in the process, such as the General Motors can be manually intervention at any time. Therefore, its design requirements more stringent than the Universal Li car, manufacturing requirements more sophisticated. Therefore, later in the design, the use of a number of new measures to enhance rigidity, reduce thermal deformation, improve accuracy and so on, making the CNC vertical lathe external shape, the overall layout, transmission system and the tool system, etc. have been great The change.

In a word, the functions of these four major components of CNC vertical lathe are different, but the four major components complement each other and work together to bring high efficiency to the equipment. When the car is in normal maintenance, the four major components Focus on maintenance to make the device better use.

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