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Datum selection of CNC lathe
Jan 10, 2017

(1) choose not to surface as a rough. Because casting Shi has must of shaped bit errors, in first times loaded clip is to, select supporting do pork of not processing surface as rough benchmark, such processing Hou on can guarantee round margin thickness a, basic equal, if select supporting do rims (processing surface) as rough benchmark, processing Hou for cast moved errors cannot elimination, makes round margin thickness obviously inconsistent remarks, that is in turning to, should according to handwheel within margin find are, or with three claw card disc support in handwheel within margin Shang for turning.
(2) on the surface of parts, surface should be minimal machining allowance so as not too little allowance due to position offset part of the car.
(3) should use more solid surface as a reference, otherwise it will work-bad or loose.
(4) coarse v should choose a smooth surface.
(5) rough reference cannot be reused.