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Hydraulic press operation should pay attention to what?
Dec 15, 2017

First, maintenance

   1, L-HL32 / GB1118-89 hydraulic oil, less than 20 degrees when the universal N32 / GB3141 is higher than 30 degrees, available N46 / GB3141. Working oil recommended 32, 46 anti-wear hydraulic oil, the use of oil temperature in the 15-60 degrees Celsius range.

   2, the oil industry after strict filtration allowed to join the tank.

   3, the working fluid replacement every year, of which the first replacement time should not exceed three months;

   4, the slider should always note lubricating oil, column appearance appearance should always be kept clean, before each work should be injected oil.

   5, under the nominal pressure of 500T maximum allowable eccentric load 40mm. Eccentricity is too large to make the column strain or other adverse phenomena.

   6, check the pressure gauge every half a year;

  7, the machine is more long-term disabled, the surface should be cleaned and coated with anti-rust oil.

 Second, the safe operation rules

  1, do not understand the machine structural performance or operating procedures should not start the machine;

  2, the machine in the work process, should not be overhaul and adjust the mold;

  3, when the machine detects a serious oil spill or other abnormalities (such as unreliable movements, noise, vibration, etc.) should be stopped to analyze the reasons, try to rule out, shall not take the disease into production;

  4, shall not overload or exceed the maximum eccentricity;

  5, no more than the maximum stroke of the slider, the minimum mold closing height of not less than 600mm;

  6, electrical equipment grounding must be solid and reliable;

  7, the end of the day work: the slider to the lowest position.