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Indicators of accuracy of NC machine tools
Jan 10, 2017

1. positioning accuracy
Refers to the moving parts such as NC machine tool table positioning accuracy in determining the end up to the accuracy of the actual location of, so moving the error between actual and ideal locations called position error. Includes servo system, positioning error checking systems, feed systems and other errors, including moving parts geometrical error of the Rails. Will directly affect the position of Machining accuracy of location error.
2. repeatability positioning accuracy
Repeat positioning accuracy means on the same CNC machine tool, applying the same program code processing a number of parts, the result of continuous consistency. Repeat positioning accuracy of servo system characteristics, feeding system of clearance and influence of rigidity and friction characteristics and other factors. Under normal circumstances, repeated positioning accuracy is accidental errors of the normal distribution, it affects the consistency of a number of parts, is a very important performance indicators.
3. indexing accuracy
Indexing accuracy refers to the indexing table at indexing time, theories required rotation angle value and the difference of the actual rotation angle value. Indexing precision parts machining parts in space angle, also affect the degree of coaxial holes. Table 1.1 shows the accuracy of CNC machine tools.