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Knowledge of lathe Chuck
Jan 10, 2017

1. the manual Chuck type: divided into three and four-jaw Chuck:
Three claw card disc code for K11, according to card disc OD of size is divided into K11160 (said card disc od for 160mm), and K11200, and K11250, and K11250C, and K11250C/A16, and K11320C, and K11325C, and K11380C, and K11250C/A16 (distribution CA6140 lathe dedicated), child mother c said card disc with of card claw for activities claw, not generation child mother c of said card disc with pros and cons two sets claw.
Four-jaw Chuck, code-named K72, in accordance with the size of the outer diameter of the Chuck are divided into K72250 (Chuck diameter 250 mm), K72320, K72500, K72630, K72800, and so on.
2. the manual Chuck Accessories:
2.1 Chuck flange and spindle connection: with four jaw chuck jaws and F200, F250, f320, f400, F500, F800, different models are equipped with different flange
2.2 claw: installed on the Chuck, and belongs to the wearing parts, chucks of different models with different jaw;