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Lathe industry special industry lost
Jan 10, 2017

Lathe branch of China machine tool industry association Deputy Secretary General Chen Hongjun Chen Hongjun, Deputy Secretary General of the China machine tool and tool builders ' Association lathe branch, told reporters that, "since the implementation of major projects, effectively promote domestic CNC machine tools to high-end. In support of the Special Fund, a large number of machine tools has made a breakthrough in research and development, many of the iconic device have been checked and put into use. Aviation big structure of domestic CNC machine tool, automobile engines, turbine blades and other applications have also made significant progress in the area. "
Research visit to lathe enterprises, on major projects must be sound, is the advanced enterprises in technological advances and enhance the soft power of the enterprise. Enterprise willing to bear major special, main reflected in: in recent years, major special became machine enterprise of important "highlights, enterprise to bear special subject task for wing, subject of progress situation also attract media competing reported; major special upgrade has enterprise of development level, while application major special related technology or technology Xia moved, also upgrade has enterprise products of technology, and improve has products grade; national focus support of high-tech enterprise, reduction by 15% of tax levy enterprise income tax, Assume the required conditions of key high-tech enterprise enterprise apply for provincial and ministerial level and State-level technology center, undertake major projects is an important condition; access to special funds, training personnel, and so on.