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Maintain high stable increase in demand for machine tools in China
Jan 10, 2017

By 2017, metal-cutting machine tools will remain the largest segment of the product category, which thanks to its application in the production of durable consumer goods field wider, and the products of metal-cutting machine tools and more. In addition, high-end metal cutting machine tools, especially advanced and complex machining center and compound machine tools ' growing demand will further enhance product sales.
By 2017, the demand for metal forming machine tools expects will grow 9.7% a year, mainly thanks to the automotive, shipbuilding, aerospace and power transmission and distribution industry can expect strong growth. Industrial machinery and transportation equipment industries greatest effect on total sales of machine tools in 2012, demand for machine tools accounted for more than 60% of total demand. By 2017, the two industry growth rate is expected to be close to the average growth rate in demand for machine tools. Continue to expand production of consumer durable goods, equipment updates, and new product innovation across all industries, will continue to stimulate the growth of demand for machine tools.
By 2017, the electrical and electronics industry demand for machine tools is expected to expand to close to the average growth rate, thanks to strong growth in investment in fixed assets of household appliances and power generation equipment industry. Continues to increase expenditure on infrastructure projects will push up mining and metal processing industry demand for machine tools. Another driver of machine tool demand growth can be attributed to the transition towards use of more environmentally friendly machine.