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NC machine tool machining center accuracy
Jan 10, 2017

1. structure and function of parts
Is typical of this part of the shaft parts, switch its structure is relatively simple. Two diameters in the figure 30JS6 used to work with rolling bearing inner ring. 1:5 cone is used to install components on the shaft, M27*1.5 screw fastening.
2. the main surface parts and technical requirements
According to the function and accuracy requirements. Diameter of the main surfaces of the parts for 30JS6 cylinder 1:5 cone surface and M27*1.5 threads. Judging from the precision diameter 30JS5 with precision to IT6. Surface roughness Ra value required is 0.2 μ m. 1:5 cone surface roughness value Ra requirements within the scope of control in 0.8 μ m. Locations such as perpendicularity and runout accuracy requirements within the range of 0.01mm. It can be seen that the part machining precision is very strict.
The material low carbon alloy steel (20GR) by carburizing quenching to get Ma di body tissue. Carburized surface with high hardness and wear resistance, and the core has good ductility and toughness is required. Components require heat treatment S0.9~C59. M27*1.5 thread and the center hole is not hardened.
3. rough forms of manufacturing
Spindle torque effect of carburizing. Taking into account the production volume for volume production, structure characteristic of composite parts. Hotbox round bar made of rough to be adopted.