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Selection of cutting parameters in NC machine tool
Jan 10, 2017

Is the process in CNC machine tools metal cutting tool and workpiece movement and interaction process. Relative motion between tool and workpiece can be decomposed into two movements: movement and feed motion. Workpiece and tool cutting by relative movement of the most major sports. Call Bian Yun. Characteristics of primary is the highest speed, power consumption Max. Main movement like there is only one. Metal cutting continuous movement, called a feed motion. Feed motion is characterized by its low velocity and small power consumption. Feed motion can be several, is a continuous exercise, can also be intermittent. Figure 2-to shows the turning movement of the outer circle. Movement on the rotary motion of the workpiece, resulting from this, 4 for the cutting speed the cutting edge a point: the feed motion is relative movement of the workpiece, which produced VT,VF for the same feed speed, VC for two movement speed.