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A Brief Introduction To The Feedback Device Of CNC Lathe
Sep 30, 2017

CNC lathe is a typical mechanical and electrical integration of the product, is set machine, computer, motor and drag, dynamic control, testing and other technologies as one of the automation equipment. The basic components of the CNC lathe include control medium, numerical control device, servo system, feedback device and machine body, the following briefly introduces the CNC lathe feedback device:

The feedback device of the CNC lathe is the detection part of the closed-loop (semi-closed loop) CNC machine. The device can be included in the servo system, which consists of the detection element and the corresponding circuit. The function is to detect the actual moving speed and displacement of the CNC machine axis , And the information back to the numerical control device or servo drive, constitute a closed-loop control system. Detection device installation, detection of signal feedback position, determined by the NC system structure. The system without measuring the feedback device is called an open loop system.

Advanced servo systems are used in digital servo drive technology, servo drives and CNC devices are generally used to connect the bus. The feedback signal is connected to the servo drive in most cases and is transmitted to the CNC via the bus. The feedback device needs to be connected directly to the NC device only in a few cases or with analog-controlled servo drive. Servo motor built-in pulse encoder, rotary transformers, induction synchronizers, tachymakers, gratings and magnetic feet are nc machine commonly used detection devices.

CNC lathe measuring device and feedback element, usually installed in the machine table or screw on the table, the equivalent of ordinary machine dial and the human eye, it is the actual displacement of the machine table into electrical feedback to the cnc device for The cnc device compares the command value to produce an error signal to control the machine to move in the direction to eliminate the error.