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Causes And Repairing Methods Of General Mechanical And Electrical Work Started Slowly
Jan 10, 2017
Causes and repairing methods of general mechanical and electrical work started slowly
Failure reason:
1) controls the speed of the reversing valve throttle valve opening is too small.
2) into the air in the hydraulic system.
3) hydraulic system pressure is low.
4) hydraulic system leakage is serious.
5) picking or of reversing valve clogged with dirt, not flexible.
Repair methods are:
1) increase the reversing valve throttle valve opening control box.
2) adjust valve trouble shooting of hydraulic system in the air.
3) adjust the pressure relief valve, hydraulic system reaches the required pressure.
4) check the piping, fittings, hydraulic cylinders, control valves, control box and other parts to eliminate leakage.