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China CNC Machine Tool System Independent
Jan 10, 2017

The domestic machine tool companies domestic CNC machine tool market share
Current domestic production of CNC machines can be broadly divided into cheap machine, universal machine tools, three types of advanced machine tools. Economical machine tools are open-loop control; universal machine tools use a closed-loop control, resolution up to 1 micron; high-use closed-loop control of machine tools, together with high precision, high speed, combined with all counter functions, new control functions, confirmed resolution to get 0.1 microns, accounting for programming machines instead of people.
"Domestic application of economical NC machine tools are domestic goods, domestic goods either from quality from reliability to satisfy some machine tools on the user's needs. "Luo Baihui showed that the domestic universal CNC machine tools about 60%~70% is a selection of domestic goods, but demand is that is, next to these domestic CNC machine tool CNC system all over the about 80% use of foreign goods. Advanced machine tools home goods are only accounted for 2%, they are imported. At the mall to demand low level machine and mid-range machine 50% and probably 40%, high demand of NC machine tool is probably 10%.