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CNC Milling Machine Spindle Position Classification

1. vertical CNC milling machines: CNC vertical milling machine spindle axis perpendicular to the horizontal plane, is the CNC milling machine spindle shaft to a horizontal plane, a form of layout is common in CNC milling machines, a wide range of applications. From CNC controlled coordinate numbers, currently 2-axis NC milling is still majority generally available for 3-axis machining, but some machines can make any two of the 3 coordinate axes machining (often referred to as 2.5-axis machining). In addition to the spindle can be around the x, y, and z axes in the one or two-axis CNC angle movement 4-axis and 5-axis CNC vertical milling machine.
2. gantry CNC milling machine, CNC gantry milling machine spindle in horizontal and vertical rail movement of gantry, gantry along the bed to do vertical movement. CNC milling machine, taking into account the expanded schedule, reduced floor space and other technical problems, often using gantry moving type.
3. horizontal CNC milling machine, CNC horizontal milling machine with horizontal milling machine and the same, the spindle axis is parallel to the horizontal plane, is mainly used for processing box parts. In order to expand the scope of machining and extension, horizontal CNC milling machines usually increase the NC rotary table or achieved universal CNC rotary table 4, 5 axis machining. This way, not only continuous Rotary outline on the side of the workpiece can be machined and can be implemented in one at a time, through dial to change stations, "processing on all sides."

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