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CNC Vertical Lathe And Vertical Lathe Analysis
Nov 15, 2017

    China's machine tool industry has achieved the world's largest, but the core task is to become stronger. Luo Baihui, secretary-general of International Mold Association, said that during the "12th Five-Year Plan" period, the country is in an important period of economic restructuring and upgrading, and the market demand has undergone significant upgrading and changes. As the machine tool industry in the basic sector of national economic construction, Is an urgent historical mission, its core mission is to enhance the market competitiveness of high-end CNC machine tools.

   Application of technology development and promotion, CNC machine tools to reflect the level of the important technical indicators, such as the spindle maximum speed, fast moving speed, tool change speed, cutting capacity and other parameters are approaching the international level, a number of key technologies to achieve a major breakthrough to narrow and The world's advanced level of the gap. Such as: the development of linear motor-driven machine tools, five-axis machine tools increased varieties, heavy machine tools, high precision machine tools, special machine tools, molding machines, CNC machine, CNC complete sets of equipment and flexible production lines and other domestic emergency products such as the successful development. The acquisition of these achievements has played a crucial role in blocking the import of some equipment and lowering the price of imported equipment. Below I use cases to analyze CNC vertical lathe and vertical lathe:

   For example; ck5116 model meanings: c means the meaning of the lathe; k said NC; 5 stands for vertical lathe referred to vertical vehicle; 1 that single column; 16 said the maximum cutting diameter of 1600 mm.

   ck5116 single-column CNC vertical lathe technical parameters are as follows:

   Maximum turning diameter of 1600 mm, table diameter of 1400 mm, the maximum workpiece height of 1000 mm, load 5 tons, table minimum speed of 5 revolutions per minute, the maximum speed of 160 revolutions per minute, 12.5 tons of machine weight.

   Ck5116 single-column CNC vertical lathe motor adopts Hengshui motor, Harbin bearing, electrical components are used Delixi Electric or Shanghai People's Electric two optional, Taiwan silver ball screw, Tianjin Lead screw factory (Zeer) spline Shaft, inclined iron and workers most guide rail plate (zinc-aluminum alloy) all manual scraping research, the exact fit! CNC system using the most advanced Siemens 802d, or Beijing knd, but also by the user optional system.

   Ck5116 single-column CNC vertical lathe after-sales service: The machine tool warranty period of twelve months, three bags of the machine to provide free maintenance services. Machine acceptance, the warranty period, such as the machine failure, the supplier after-sales staff to reach the demand side within 48 hours, the exclusion of machine failure, until the customer satisfaction so far. After troubleshooting, fill in the quality problems by the user "Feedback" to leave the user manufacturers. After the warranty period the seller promised to provide preferential parts and technical services.