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CNC Vertical Lathe Machine Tool Industry Development Focuses On Quality Reliability
Jan 10, 2017

Many professional users of CNC machine tools in China, the primary reason not to buy Chinese-made machine tools is the reliability of the product does not satisfy user needs. Dramatic competition in the machine store first is product reliability race can occupy shopping mall is the key that affecting China's CNC equipped with survival and the industrial. Chinese mold NET pointed out that, especially in the context of import volumes are added, reliability of product promotion on domestic CNC equipped with winning in the shopping malls of the world competition, meaning in terms of promoting national industry is particularly serious.
At present, the domestic development of numerically controlled machine tools, the first senior-oriented, seeking speed, precision and multi-axis machining and so on. However, the increase of composite functions and the introduction of intensive skills, and wrong with increased risk of unreliable elements. A high reliability of the machine can receive a few machines with efficiencies and losses can reduce user downtime and repair costs. Attack problem in the job application and process likely added, its advanced function and the function can't keep falling or losing value.
The reliability of numerically controlled machine tool products are used and field work in the process of exposing the quality characteristics, thinking the product use the time factors and environmental factors, without the use of the product cannot really assess the reliability levels. Advances reliability of numerical control machine tools, is in the process of reducing or preventing job attack by various ailments.