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CNC Vertical Machining Center Z-2013A

Product Detail

Basic Info
  • Application:Metal

  • Process Usage:Metal-Cutting CNC Machine Tools

  • Movement Method:Contour Control

  • Control Method:Closed-Loop Control

  • Numerical Control:CNC

  • Processing Precision:0.018/500

  • Performance Classification:high precision CNC Machine Tools

  • Certification:ISO 9001

  • Condition:new

Product Description

CNC vertical machining center

Introduce performance, configuration, and technical parameters

First, the device uses and general requirements:

Mainly used for precision molds and parts complex surface of many varieties, small batch processing. Meet the usual milling, drilling, tapping,

Boring, the circular, cylindrical, stepped, cone, sphere, trenches, and 2D or 3D machining complex surfaces, to meet various

High temperature alloys, titanium alloys, heat-resistant alloys, stainless steel, cast iron, steel and other materials, castings and forgings rough pieces of rough, finishing.

Rigidity, good reliability, high precision, long life. Reliable and stable complete precision difficult materials coarse, fine, fine

Processing, and process a variety of difficult to cut materials.

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