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Cultivate Machine Tool Industry New Markets New Products
Jan 10, 2017

Under the approach as well as the production of, production is now is now flourishing again, we should provide escort for the production of machine tool industry, and promote production of should go to test, on the one hand breeds the Mall, on the other hand also helps foster personal in the leading position in the production.
Then scrap car parts, construction machinery, machine tools and other specialized correction batch process, making goods arrive with the quality and functionality of the original product. Accelerated production industry is the construction of resource-saving and environment-friendly society needs. Back in 1999, the Chinese Academy of engineering academician Xu Binshi first proposed and built again in the domestic production of engineering. After that, he was in charge of creating a State-level are equipped with skills the Defense Science and technology laboratory, has built the world's first production discipline. 2008, national NDRC marking has spring Cummins, and Wei wood power, 14 home company as car parts again making industrial pilot; 2009, Ministry selected has 35 home company and industrial agglomeration district as first batch electromechanical commodity again making pilot; 2010, national NDRC, and Technology Department, 11 a ministries released has on advance again making industrial carried out of opinions; 2011, national NDRC issued on deepening again making pilot work of told, Clarity will expand their scale of production products and pilot in 2013, national development and Reform Commission approval by 28 companies as a second batch production pilot.