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Four-Column Hydraulic Trim Press
Sep 18, 2017

Basic Info

  • Feature: Automation

  • Condition: New

  • Warranty: 12 Months

  • Transport Package: Wood Casse

  • Type: Four-Column Hydraulic Press

  • Certification: ISO,CE

  • Customized: Customized

Product Description

  • 1. We choose Siemens PLC  as control system and have unique programming designs.

  • More safe. Our engineers add many system alarms for safe operating, such as one hand operating alarm, safety light curtain alarm etc.

  • More convenient. Humanized operating interfaces designed by our programmers are easy, understandable and convenient to maintain.

  • 2. Standard machines have the function of blowing the dross from the workbench. In addition, the length of blowing time is adjustable.
    3. Hydraulic press of this series has very high speed for punching, longstroke of mold opening which is suitable for trimming die.
    4. Its humanized design of dross grooves and protective guards is helpful to keep the workshop clear.
    5. The smaller cylinder is used for quickly mold closing while the bigger one is responsible for punching. It is obvious that the high speed turns to low speed.
    6. Water cooler is applied in the standard series.
    7. As to the hydraulic components, we absolutely choose well-known domestic and abroad brands, in order to guarantee the life of hydraulic press.
    8. The oil tank is completely sealed structure, which keeps hydraulic system working efficiently and stably.

  • Device that receives the materials is designed uniquely. And its speed is adjustable, which can shorten cycle time for robots. So the robots can be used more effectively and safely.

  • Machines of this series can check if the materials are dropped or not in order to ensure that there aren't any products in the mold. This function can prevent from damaging the machines and mold.