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Future Direction Of The Machine Tool
Jan 10, 2017

1, the virtual machine through research and development of Mechatronics, hardware and software integration of simulation technology, machine tool to achieve improved levels of design and performance.
2, green machine: emphasis on energy conservation and emission reduction, and strive to minimize the environmental load of the production system.
3, intelligent machine tools: improving intelligent production systems, reliability, accuracy, and overall performance.
4, e-machine: to improve the production system autonomy and the ability to interact with users and managers, the machine is not only a piece of processing equipment, but as the enterprise management in the network nodes.
Among them, the green machine will become hot. To convert blanks into parts of machine tools, in the course of using not only consume energy, also produces solid, liquid and gaseous wastes, pollution of the working environment and the natural environment, directly or indirectly. Accordingly, the green machine tool should have the following characteristics: main components of machine tools manufactured from recycled materials; weight and size reduction of machine tools 50%; by reducing moving mass, reduced no-load power measures such as reduced power consumption 30%~40%; reduce the waste arising in the process of using 50%~60% to ensure no pollution of the environment; 100% recyclable scrap machine after material. According to statistics, machine tools for metal removal in the process of using power only accounted for around 25%, loss and accessibility to most. First measure of green machine, through a significant reduction in weight of machine and reducing the driving power to build eco-efficient machine. Proposing a new concept of green machine tool, significantly reduced weight, to save material, while reducing energy consumption.