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H Frame Composites Molding Hydraulic Press
Mar 31, 2017
Product advantage & characteristic: 
1. The press is available up to 6000 tons capacity. H frame structure has outstanding rigidity and advanced technology. It use high quality steel and the rigidity reaches 1/8000.
2. Use integrated cartridge valve. Use Hilead variable displacement hydraulic pump or Rexroth pump. Multiple pumps are combined for different working section. So lower noise and energy-saving. 
1. The key components are imported from Europe, USA and Japanese. Other parts are Chinese famous brand parts. Quality ensured. Reserve interface for future use.
2. Use oil-free lubrication guide rail so it won't pollute the environment.
3. No cooling system required. So save the power and water.
4. High static and dynamic accuracy. Adopt pump control system and the lowest stability speed reaches 0.1mm/s.
5. Buffer device for anti-shock while stamping.

1. Compression molding of thermosetting composites and thermoplastic composites such as SMC, MC, GMT, LFT-D and etc.
2. Auto industry: Panel, fender, rear door, engine cover, spare tire cover and etc.
3. Construction material industry: Kitchen sink, telephone box, bathtub, streetlamp shade and etc.
4. Electric power and telecommunications industries: Electrical cabinet, fiberglass reinforced meter box and etc.