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High Precision CNC Vertical Lathe
Dec 10, 2017

The introduction of finite element analysis, for high efficiency, high rigidity, heavy cutting and other conditions specially designed.

■ The columns and plinths adopt the large-size box layout, providing the largest Z-axis ram sectional size (230 × 200) in the same model, supporting overweight cutting.

■ symmetrical layout reasonable to avoid thermal deformation, reasonable reinforcement and multiple tempering and aging treatment, to ensure the long-term stability of the machine accuracy.

■ Spindle radial bearings with P4 double-row roller bearings, axial bearings with P4-size large-size thrust bearings, to ensure high slewing accuracy, but also ensure high bearing capacity.

■ hydraulic system using machine loop, effectively take away the machine hot. Pump work is always in the unloading state of work, effectively avoiding the machine temperature. When the machine is equipped with a second spindle, the machine is equipped with oil cooler.

■ Large diameter ball screw, X-axis ball screw pre-pull to ensure high positioning accuracy and can compensate for thermal deformation.

■ Two-door large opening design, easy loading and unloading parts, operation button panel can be 90. Swing, pleasant and good.

■ CNC system using SIEMENS or FANUC.

■ The main drive on a standard, heavy-duty, high-speed and other configurations for the user to choose, and according to user needs two paragraphs ZF gearbox or the company's four gearbox.

■ Modular design, up to 16 variants, will be able to provide you with an optimal and most economical products.