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Homemade Vertical Lathe Machine Tool Industry Transformation And Higher End Strategy
Jan 10, 2017

Homemade CNC vertical lathe machine tool market, intense competition, in addition to the transformation of the domestic machine tool market imagined needs, also face foreign machine tool firms seize the Chinese market. Machine professional future as long as the independent innovation ability in the market place. Improving the competitiveness of the world, to China from big country to machine tool power.
Vertical lathe machine tools career transitions eyebrows, even though China has the world's largest number of machine tools production factory, but short of famous transnational group and a world of "sophisticated, special, spot" small great company. For a long time, China's economic construction and key projects required high primary imports, domestic market domestic share of the mid-range numerical control system as long as 5%, high bed the CNC system 95% from abroad, domestic market share of functions parts only 30%.
On current situation of machine market at home and abroad, vertical lathe machine tool industry should be toward the high end road, complete localization. Higher-end road is an indisputable reality, some forward-looking companies are seeing the future trend of the domestic machine tool, has long been involved in the development of high level products, gave a blow to foreign companies, but also for the domestic machine tool companies to establish a benchmark.