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How To Clean The CNC Lathe Cooling System
Sep 30, 2017

How to properly clean the CNC lathe cooling system? CNC equipment to a certain time need to be maintained, CNC lathe cooling system to how to properly maintain it? The following by the Brilliance machine for everyone to explain in detail:

1, observe the water tank in front of the oil standard, when the cooling water is reduced, it should be added. Under normal circumstances, the spindle around the water configuration, at least make the cooling pump suction port of the oil filter completely into the water.

2, when the cooling water pollution occurs, should be replaced in a timely manner, remove the water tank below the plug will release the waste, clean the tank and then into the new, clean coolant.

3, the cooling tank is divided into two tanks and the tank cavity, the filter is easy to clean when cleaning, cleaning is very convenient, and in addition to the entrance of the cooling pump is also equipped with an oil filter, the two devices in the use of CNC lathes Time should be promptly checked and cleaned.

4, under normal circumstances, every two months to clean the oil filter, filter. In the realization of punctual, high-quality and low-cost production, the trigger probe is more than just to find the workpiece to provide more support, that is, in the CNC lathe directly test the geometric accuracy of the workpiece has the same important value. Because, through this direct precision test, you can quickly detect the programming errors and tool defects, as well as the adverse consequences of the process.

The measurement on the CMM only indicates whether the machined workpiece meets the requirements and can not be used to distinguish between the effects of the CNC lathe, the tool and the process. It is difficult to obtain the actual cause of the deviation if the machining deviation of the workpiece is measured. Therefore, it is not possible to reliably obtain the appropriate or necessary corrective action from the result of this measurement.

CNC lathe cooling device with the same important lubrication device, good cooling can improve the quality of the workpiece and CNC machine tool parts life. Under normal circumstances, the daily maintenance of the cooling device is mainly the cooling fluid supply, replacement and cleaning device cleaning.