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Investigation And Analysis Of The First Step Of Troubleshooting CNC Lathe
Nov 23, 2017

Investigation and analysis of CNC vertical lathe fault is the first phase of troubleshooting and it is a very crucial stage. The following major tasks should be done: 1, ask the survey    When receiving the information that the CNC vertical lathe is required to eliminate the fault, the operator should first be required to keep the fault status in the field as far as possible without any treatment, which is helpful for quickly and accurately analyzing the cause of the fault. At the same time carefully asked about the fault conditions, the fault appearance and the background of the fault occurred, so as to make preliminary judgments in order to determine the site troubleshooting should bring tools, meters, drawings, spare parts, etc., to reduce round-trip time. 2, on-site inspection    After arriving at the scene, we must first verify the accuracy and completeness of the various situations provided by the operator so as to verify the accuracy of the preliminary judgment. Due to the level of the operator, the description of the fault condition is unclear or even completely inaccurate. Therefore, after the scene is over, do not rush to handle the situation. Carefully investigate the various situations so as not to damage the site and make the troubleshooting more difficult.

3, fault analysis

   According to the known CNC vertical lathe fault condition according to the fault classification method described in the previous section to analyze the type of fault, so as to determine the principle of troubleshooting. As most of the faults are instructed, in general, reference to CNC system diagnostic manuals and manuals of the machine tool may list a variety of possible causes for the fault.

4, determine the reason

   The investigation of many possible causes can be used to find the true cause of this fault. At this moment, the maintainer is a comprehensive test of familiarity, knowledge, practical experience and analytical judgment of the machine tool.

5, take the trouble to prepare

    There are some ways to troubleshoot CNC vertical lathe. The troubleshooting may be very simple. Some troubles are often complicated, and a series of preparatory work needs to be done, such as preparation of instrumentation, partial disassembly, repair of components, procurement of components and even troubleshooting Planning steps and so on.