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Machine Types
Jan 10, 2017

1, machine tools: including lathes, drilling, boring, milling, planing slotting;
2, precision machine tools: including grinding machines, gear cutting machines, threading machines, and other all kinds of precision machine tools;
3, high-precision machine tools: including coordinate boring machine, gear grinders, grinders, high-precision gear hobbing machines, precision machines and other high-precision machine tools, such as the score;
4, numerical control machine: CNC machine tools is the abbreviation of digital control machine tools;
5, classified according to the workpiece size and weight of machine instrument machine tool large, medium and small machine tools, machine tools, heavy and super heavy machine tool;
6, according to the machining accuracy can be divided into general precision machine tools, precision machine tools and high-precision machine tools;
7, classified according to the degree of automation manual machine, semi-automatic and automatic machine tool;
8, according to the machine's control, can be divided into the copying machine, program machine, CNC machine tools, adaptive control of machine tools, machining centres and flexible manufacturing systems;
9, processing or processing can be divided into the lathe, drill press, boring machines, grinding machines, gear cutting machines, threading machines, spline processing machines, milling machines, planing machines, slotting, broaching machines, special machines, sawing machines and lines and so on. Each class according to its structure or process objects divided into several groups, each group is divided into several types;