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Monitoring Of Working State Of CNC Lathe Lubrication System
Sep 30, 2017

CNC lathe lubrication system design, commissioning and maintenance, for improving the lathe machining accuracy, extend the life of the lathe and so have a very important role. In the CNC lathe electrical control system, the lubrication control part of the improved design, time monitoring lubrication system work to ensure that the lathe mechanical parts are well lubricated, and can also work according to the lathe state, automatically adjust the oil supply, cycle time , To save oil.

CNC lathe lubrication system working state monitoring:

Lubrication system in addition to fuel consumption, fuel tank oil is too small to make the lubrication system lack of oil, the common failure of the oil pump failure, oil pipeline blockage, shunt work is not normal, serious oil spills. Therefore, in the lubrication system is set up the following detection device for the working state of the lubrication pump to monitor, to avoid the machine in the absence of oil state work, affecting the performance of CNC lathe and service life.

1. Overload detection The overload protection element is used in the supply circuit of the lubrication pump and its thermal overload contact is used as the input signal of the PMC system. Once the lubrication pump is overloaded, the PMC system can detect and process the machine and stop the machine immediately run.

2. Oil level detection of lubricants for the consumables, so the machine work for some time, the lubricating oil tank lubricating oil will gradually reduce. If the operator does not add in time, when the oil tank reaches the minimum oil level, the oil level detection switch moves and sends the signal to the PMC system for processing.

3. Pressure detection machine adopts the progressive centralized lubrication system, as long as the system is working properly, each lubrication point can guarantee to get the predetermined lubricant. Once the lubrication pump itself is not working properly, failure, or oil supply circuit there is a fuel supply pipeline blockage, oil spills, etc., the system will appear abnormal pressure. According to this feature, the design of the lubrication pump at the exit of the installation of pressure detection switch, and the switch signal input PMC system, after each lubrication pump work, check the system pressure, once the anomaly is immediately stopped CNC lathe work, and Generate an alarm signal.