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Performance Characteristics Of Small CNC Lathe
Jun 01, 2017

Small CNC lathe is a high precision, high efficiency automatic machine tool. He is a tubular structural design, with its 45 degree bed provides a strong anti-twisted stress. The main castings are used Mihana casting, the annealing to eliminate internal stress, rigidity, excellent stability. Spindle bearings with high precision P4 level, to ensure its continuous processing accuracy. 12 position of the hydraulic turret, the edge knife tool change time only 0.9 seconds, rapid tool change to reduce the time loss. High rigidity hydraulic tailstock, with its programmable displacement, can accurately and quickly locate.

Small CNC lathe is in accordance with the preparation of a good pre-processing procedures, the processing of parts to be processed automatically. We have the parts of the processing process line, process parameters, tool movement trajectory, displacement, cutting parameters (spindle speed, feed, back to eat knife, etc.) and auxiliary functions (tool change, spindle forward, Cutting fluid on, off, etc.), in accordance with the NC machine tool specified by the instruction code and program format written into the processing program, and then the contents of this program recorded on the control medium (such as perforated tape, tape, disk, ), And then input to the CNC machine tool CNC device, which command machine parts processing.

Small CNC lathe performance characteristics:

1, the whole castings are the use of high-grade HT250 cast iron casting, have been completely annealed to eliminate residual stress, long deformation. 

2, the base and the Y-axis rail surface as one casting structure, chassis stability, rigidity.

3, the guide for the Taiwan Hiwin silver linear guide, the use of fully support design, in the effective travel within any mobile position, is still fully supported by the slide, no floating phenomenon, to ensure cutting stability, chute accuracy and mechanical life.

4, three-axis C3-class precision double-nut ball screw, the heat treatment in the week and precision grinding, the shaft to reduce the thermal deformation of the pre-pull, positioning and repeat the high precision.

5, all machines factory 100% through the Renishaw laser interferometer accurate detection to ensure that the three-axis precision backlash to ensure positioning accuracy: ± 0.01 / 300mm Repeatability: ± 0.005 / 300mm.

6, three axes are servo drive, smooth transmission, high precision, large torque.

7, three-axis track to dust and dust shield retractable cover, to protect the track and ball screw with cutting water, leaving the material into the wear and tear.

8, CNC system using a wide number of 218M CNC machining center system for international general procedures, with automatic tapping, automatic fault detection alarm function, power memory function.

9, the spindle is BT30, transfer cutting torque, configuration 6 knife knife library, can greatly improve the processing efficiency of complex products and processing accuracy.

10, the spindle motor with 2.2Kw servo spindle motor and drive, power, spindle can change tool to meet the automatic tapping function.

11, BT30-6 knife knife-style knife library, tool change time is short, tool change safe and reliable.

12, electronic hand wheel adjustable third gear to facilitate the operation and the knife.

13, column plus balance counterweight, the spindle running smoothly.

14, configuration intermittent lubrication system, the whole protection structure and configuration pneumatic broach system.