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Processing Of Various Types Of Jigs
Jan 10, 2017

Box-type closed rotary drill
Fixture for machining holes in four directions, the workpiece at the end of a flat, circular hole in fixture support and lateral arcs flat, diamond-shaped positioning Groove shape positioning, fixture box-shaped closed structure, fixture top hinge drilling template in order to install the presser foot screw from the workpiece clamping work above. Reverses the drill mode to realize the orientation hole machining
Cover plate type drilling mould
Jigs used to process the box end of end face spiral holes, it does not clip, up in the drill template drill bushings and positioning, clamping up in conjunction with locating holes within the formation, centering, drilling template end end face contact with the workpiece positioning, rotating helical screw. Push ball countryside, makes three sliding coat and clamping the drilling template on the work piece.
Processing lever parts sliding jig
Drill Jig for machining hole on the lever-type parts, both ends of the hole has been processed, on a supporting surface of the workpiece, centring clamping sets of the three cone claw and turn anti-positioned positioned in the slot of the bracket 2. Drilling template drop, by centring clamping sleeve centering the workpiece clamping, three cones on the support claw, only gas and position, gap due to sliding and pilot hole, sliding-type drill Jig for drilling, more moderate accuracy holes and holes.