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Safety Operation Regulations For CNC Vertical Lathe
Jan 10, 2017

1, enter the operating room must wear form-fitting work clothes, wearing a CAP, shirt into his trousers, open sleeves banded and women long hair must be within the CAP; prohibition of wearing high heels, slippers, sandals, skirts, shorts and wear a scarf to avoid scalding.
2, the operation is prohibited when wearing gloves, overalls dress, collar and cuffs fasten.
3, before starting the machine check whether the chuck wrench remove, machine tool variable speed handle is in the correct position. Agencies
4, machine tool operation, is not allowed to change the handle. If the transform handle position, must be carried out after coming to a stop.
5, by hand or in any other manner prohibited contact with rotating spindle, workpiece or other moving parts.
6, prohibition on the spindle rotating tools when mounting and dismounting.
7, clamping workpieces and tools for adjusting tool ban placed on a guideway.
8, against handing the tip and iron filings, with a brush hook.