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Single Column And Four Column Hydraulic Press, How To Distinguish?
Nov 01, 2017

For the hydraulic press in the single-column and four-column hydraulic press, these two are common and common types, therefore, their learning requirements, is to have a comprehensive understanding, so as to achieve compliance, and get a satisfactory learning effect. However, due to the limited length of the article, so the following, mainly for one of them to carry out to improve everyone's learning efficiency, and will be clearly grasp the knowledge.

1. Is it possible to use "water-in-oil" emulsions on a working medium in a single column hydraulic press?

For this, in the single-column hydraulic press manufacturers power seems to be possible. And it is improved in terms of performance, such as its viscosity, corrosion resistance, and lubricity, compared to traditional "oil-in-water" emulsions. In addition, the oil content is reduced, and it is not easy to burn. However, because of its relatively high prices, so in the scope of application, is subject to certain restrictions.

2. Single-column and four-post hydraulic press, in this type of hydraulic machine, how to distinguish well?

This is the case, in the actual work, is not difficult to carry out, because:

Single column hydraulic press, its main application, is in the shaft and sets of parts of the correction and pressure on, in addition, there may be some other purposes. Its arrangement in the form, is the use of a single column upright this form. Moreover, the working pressure can be adjusted within a certain range, the stroke size is controllable.

Four-column hydraulic press, which is structurally independent of the power mechanism and electrical system, and its pressure, speed and stroke are also adjustable. Moreover, this kind of hydraulic machine, also has the pressure delay and automatic return of these two functions.

Therefore, in summary, single-column and four-post hydraulic press is easy to distinguish. Because the difference between them is obvious and easy to judge.

3. Single-column hydraulic press can not afford to establish the pressure, the specific reasons, what?

If the single column hydraulic press can not afford to establish the pressure, then the specific reasons, it is:



First check the hydraulic oil, the oil level is too low, whether the lack of oil and hydraulic pump can not absorb the oil. Then, check the relief valve, whether it changes in pressure, and whether the valve is damaged and so on. After that, look at the seal in the cylinder, the sealing performance is good, with or without leakage.