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The Importance Of CNC Lathe Inspection
Jul 17, 2017

CNC lathe inspection is very important, the following are easy to ignore the user several aspects:

1, the new CNC lathe through the transport will produce a certain degree of vibration or deformation, so before using the CNC lathe to check whether the accuracy has been deviated.

2, the adjustment of CNC lathe will also have a certain impact on the accuracy of the relevant attention to inspection.

3, the geometric accuracy of the adjustment will also have the impact of the accuracy of the location, so the CNC lathe geometric accuracy, position accuracy and accuracy of work to do a comprehensive test to protect the work performance of the lathe is not affected.

CNC lathe CNC programming methods are manual programming and automatic programming of two. Manual programming refers to the programming process from the part pattern analysis process, the data calculation, the preparation of the program single, the input procedure to the procedure verification and so on the procedure mainly has the manual completion process. It is suitable for point processing or geometric shape is not too complicated parts of the processing, and the calculation is relatively simple, the program is not much, easy to achieve the occasion of programming. But for geometric shapes of complex parts (especially the space surface components), and the geometric elements are not complicated but need to prepare a large number of parts of the program, because the calculation of the value of the calculation process is quite cumbersome, heavy workload, easy mistakes, Calibration is also more difficult, difficult to complete by manual programming, so to use automatic programming.

The so-called automatic programming that programming or most of the computer to complete, can effectively solve the complex parts of the processing problems, but also the future development of CNC programming trends. At the same time, but also to see the manual programming is the basis of automatic programming, automatic programming in many core experience are derived from manual programming, the two complement each other.

(Such as the use of the fixture, fixture positioning method, etc.), processing routes (such as feed routes, knife point, tool change point, etc.) and the processing of parts, that is, to determine the processing of parts, Process parameters (such as feed speed, spindle speed, cutting speed and cutting depth, etc.). Followed by numerical calculations. Most of the numerical control system with a knife repair function, just calculate the contours of adjacent geometric elements of the intersection (or tangent point) coordinate values, the geometric elements of the starting point of the end point and the arc of the center coordinates can be. Finally, according to the calculated tool movement locus coordinate value and the determined machining parameters and auxiliary operation, the part program program is written one by one in the form of the coordinate instruction code and the block format specified by the numerical control system and input into the memory of the CNC device The