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Troubleshooting Machining Center
Jan 10, 2017

1, and initial of reset method: general situation Xia, due to instantaneous fault caused of system alarm, available hardware reset or switch system power followed by to clear fault, if system work storage district due to off electric, pulled plug circuit board or battery owes pressure caused chaos, is must on system for initial of clear, clear Qian should note for good data copies records, if initial of Hou fault still cannot excluded, is for hardware diagnosis.
2, the parameters change, procedures to correct law: is the basis for determining the function of the system parameters, parameter error can result in a system failure, or a function is not valid. Sometimes due to user error can cause downtime, this system's search function can be used to check and correct all errors to ensure its normal operation.
3, adjustment, optimal adjustment: adjustment is one of the most simple and easy way. Through the adjustment of the potentiometer, and system failures. Such as plant maintenance, the system display screen chaos, after they have been adjusted correctly. As in a factory, its main axis belt slipping when starting and braking, because of its large spindle load torque and ramp up time of driven device setting is too small, after they have been adjusted correctly.