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Vertical Lathe/CNC Turning Lathe
Mar 15, 2017
Basic Info
  • Application: Metal

  • Movement Method: Contour Control

  • Numerical Control: CNC/MNC

  • Performance Classification: High-End CNC Machine Tools

  • Condition: New

  • Origin: china

  • Process Usage: Metal-Cutting CNC Machine Tools

  • Control Method: Closed-Loop Control

  • Processing Precision: 0.05mm

  • Purpose: Turning All Kinds of Mechanical Parts

Product Description
Product Details
  General technical conditions of 1 safety protection of metal cutting machine tool the machine for CNC single column vertical lathe, vertical turret and a square ram,
2 purposes: turning the inner and outer cylindrical surface, inner and outer conical surface, plane, cutting groove, etc..
3 basic parts of the machine tool is made by our company, self - processing, self - Installation (in addition to gear, screw), casting material for the HT250 - quality cast iron. After thermal aging, vibration aging two times, the accuracy is good.
4 the work table guide rail uses the static pressure guide rail technology, each lubricating device is complete, the lubrication is reliable.
5 stage speed vector frequency control, stepless adjustable.
6 walking knife feed speed stepless adjustable.
7 configuration of anchor bolts, adjusting pad iron and other relevant accessories and special tools.
1,Advantages of machine tools 
1, the overall layout
The machine is mainly composed of a working table, table base, column, beam, the square ram.
The foundation of machine tool parts are made of cast iron HT250, using the technology of resin sand, casting of annealing, roughing after aging treatment (artificial aging and vibration aging). Casting quality reliable no cracks, pores, shrinkage hole and white tissue, casting after annealing and aging treatment has stable organization, ensure the stability of machine tool in the process of using.
The machine tool foundation for artificial aging and vibration aging. To ensure that the material chemical composition, rigidity and stability.
2, the main transmission
The main drive is driven by AC motor, through the gear box for stepless speed regulation, the gear through quenching and grinding processing, ensure the transmission accuracy and efficiency and reduce noise and reduce vibration.
3, working table
The working table is composed of a working table, a working table base, a main shaft component and a transmission mechanism. Hydrostatic guide rail. Therefore, the working platform is of high bearing capacity and high precision.
4, beam
The beam moves up and down in the column. Which beam is a feeding transmission mechanism, knife beam clamping mechanism and hydraulic device. The beam end is installed a set of automatic lubricating oil pump, according to the needs of the lubrication of the rail surface.
5, hydraulic system
The hydraulic system includes a main transmission station system, transmission system, hydraulic system, beam clamping and vertical turret ram hydraulic balance system.

Anti-Rust Oil/ Anti-Corrosive Oil for the whole machine, then wrapping the protective film
Wooden Box Package, or vacumm package is also available according to customer's special request. 
4, After-sale Service & Maintenance:
* We provide professional technical training for users' operators and maintenance staff to enable them to properly use and operate the lathe and carry out normal maintenance.
* Warranty period: One year after acceptance of the lathe. We can also extend the maintenance time per user's special demands to 2 or 3 years. 
* The company will freely provide different electrical and mechanical parts for the purchased lathe timely within warranty period.
* The company will provide lifetime guarantee for the consulting services in terms of application, maintenance, repair, renovation, etc of equipments.
For more details, please feel free to contact us.