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Y41 - 315t Single Column Hydraulic Stamping Single Punch Tablet Press


Basic Info.

Type:Cold Stamping


Processing Type:Deep Drawing


Material:Stainless Steel


Mould:Multistep Progressive Dies


Surface Processing:Electroplating


Fine Blanking:Multi-Position


Process:Forming Process


Industry:Metal Stamping Parts






Design:Unique Design






Frame:C Frame







Product Description

    YL41 series of single-column hydraulic press
1. Main Features
- apply computer optimization design, C-type single arm body structure, rigid, simple structure, easy to operate.
- Machine body are wholly steel welding, and tempered by the fireplace.
- hydraulic control using two-way cartridge valve integrated system, reliability, long life, small hydraulic shock and reduces connection management and leakeage.
- pre-discharge pressure devices is installed in the hydraulic system for small hydraulic shock.
- independent electrical control system, reliable, intuitive operation and easy maintenance.
- using the button centralized control, with adjustment, manual, semi-automatic (semi-automatic setting - - process can be divided into two type ,single on fixed stroke and single on fixed pressure) three operating modes.
- slider's working pressure, fast approach and slow approach stroke can be adjusted according to processing demand.



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