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Yl32-45t Four Columns Hydraulic Press
Oct 17, 2017


Basic Info.


Machine Type:Four Columns Hydraulic Press


Main Electric Parts:Schneider


Oil Pump:Shanghai


Main Motor: Siemens


Valves:Omega, USA


Sealing Rings: Valqua, Japan


Specification:CE and ISO Certificate




HS Code:8462919000


YL32-45T Four Columns Hydraulic Press
Structure & performance

1.The series hydraulic machine is general suppression equipment, applicable to the plasticity of the material pressing process. Such as powder molding, plastic molding, cold (heat) extruded metal molding, sheet metal stamping, bending, stretching and then turned, correction technology.

2.The machine has an independent power sector of the electrical system, centralized control with buttons, can realize the adjustment, manual and semi-automatic three kinds of work modes.

3.The machine working pressure, pressing speed and stroke of slide, can be adjusted according to process requirement, and can complete the process, do not take out process, drawing three processes, each process and the constant pressure, constant process two process action of choice, the constant pressure molding process after the suppression with Paul pressure, time delay, automatic return.

4.The series hydraulic machine in addition to the above-mentioned function, ejection cylinder also has a top, delay, automatic return function.